What is love? Here is what real love is in a Relationship

what is love?

Everyone has their own idea of what love is in a  relationship.  Many believe that love is that special feeling you get when you meet the right one for you, and you will know right away that they are the one. Others don’t believe in love at first sight. They believe that love is a choice which comes later on when you have appreciated that special someone in your life. But what is love, and how do we show it? That’s an important question that many couples truly know little about. But before we get into the true meaning of love, let’s make it clear on what love should not be about. 

Love should not be based on physical attraction. If love is based on how physically attractive the other person is, then sooner or later that physical attraction will fade and so will any love you have left for that person.

Love should not be an act of desperation. Desperate love will allow any feelings of self-worth to diminish over time, causing someone to only feel worse and lose respect for themselves. Work on getting rid of any insecurities you may have, and make sure you are being loved for the right reasons. Love does not allow for any violence, controlling behavior, or manipulation.

Love should not be based on how much the other person loves you, or how much you need them. That kind of love is immature and it will only cause you more harm overtime. If you ever suspect that you have carried any emotional baggage into your relationship, then the best thing for you to do is to resolve these issues before someone gets hurt. Love that is based on a one-way emotional rescue will bring you down, along with the other person you care about.

There are certain characteristics we show when we are in love. Selfless behavior shows that you are not just thinking about yourself, but that you’re also concerned about your partners needs as well. You will be concerned about your partners growth in life, and become more supportive and understanding, even if you feel like being critical. You will have a desire to forgive, and realize that no one is perfect in life.

Your love grows when you are able to focus on the good things about someone. You will see both the positive and the negative side of someone, but you will love them no matter what. When your partner does that little thing that irritates you, it will be easier to look past it. You will realize that it’s not worth getting angry over, and causing a scene. Love allows for anger, but in a controlled manner. Love is about being able to compromise. If emotional pain was caused you’re allowed to let your partner know when they have done wrong.

Love is about caring and showing affection and intimacy towards the other person. You will have a romantic desire towards your partner, not a lustful desire. With a romantic desire to be intimate and affectionate towards your partner, an emotional bond will grow between the two of you. It will become stronger overtime and will bring you closer together.

Love is built on mutual interest, care, trust, and respect. You will have a desire to be committed to your partner in any type of situation, such as one where infidelity may be a temptation. Or even when faced with negative comments from others about your partner. Your commitment will allow you to be faithful and true to your partner, and you will be willing to stick up for them at all costs.

It is very important to realize that love is about expecting to give, not expecting to get. It’s true that the more you give the more you love. You see… You don’t have to buy your partner something nice every day, but you can do nice things for them often. Something as simple as a romantic dinner at home. Give them a massage with candles lit around the room. The desire to give will make you feel great about yourself, and most importantly make your partner feel great. A relationship grows successfully when both partners commit to behaving in a loving manner, through continual and unconditional giving. Not only saying “I love you” but also showing it. We experience love as a feeling, and we express it as an action.

Always remember, it’s very important to love truly for the right reasons and from the depth of your heart!

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