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Passive income is basically what you earn even without actively participating in the earning process. Based on a local financial guru, passive income is the income that we all should strive for during our retirement years as they don’t require much effort but still enables us to obtain money for our day-to-day expenses.   There are various ways to make passive income.  The following are just some of these ways (you are free to think up more ways.

–Rental from Real Property

According to Robert Kiyosaki, this is one way to ensure big earnings and early retirement. From renting out a room in your home, to renting out apartments, or a building complex or even a condominium, this is one sure way to earn passive income.

–Time Deposits

One of the basic ways to earn passive income (or interest income) is through placing your savings in time deposits. Although they have holding periods (30 days to 1 year or even 5 years), they earn higher interest than ordinary savings account. Plus, if you don’t withdraw your interest, it also earns interest. There are, however, restrictions in terms of withdrawals and minimum balances.

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