Trump was lied to about Syria chemical attack: Says Analyst

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Some people within the US and UK administrations are pushing for a war on Syria in line with their attempts to “sabotage” any possible cooperation between the US and Russia on fighting terrorism, says an analyst.

In an interview with Press TV, Mike Billington, an expert at the Executive Intelligence Review from Leesburg, referred to an April missile strike by the US on a Syrian airbase, which Washington claimed was used by the Damascus government to launch a chemical attack.   Continue reading “Trump was lied to about Syria chemical attack: Says Analyst”

The White House did not host a Ramadan dinner, for the first time in two decades

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania released a statement on Saturday wishing “warm greetings” to those celebrating Eid al-Fitr. The statement partly reads, ‘muslims in the United States joined those around the world during the holy month of Ramadan to focus on acts of faith and charity.
Breaking with tradition, the White House under President Donald Trump did not host an iftar dinner, the meal Muslims eat to break their daily fast during Ramadan.   Continue reading “The White House did not host a Ramadan dinner, for the first time in two decades”

How To Repel Mosquitoes Naturally

Mosquitoes are one of the most annoying insect pests alive.  If you live in an area with a lot of mosquitoes, it can completely destroy your comfort, and prevent you from enjoying outdoor activities in the cooler and more pleasant morning and evening hours.

With the arrival of West Nile Disease, mosquitoes have also become dangerous to citizens of non-tropical countries for the first time in many years.

Here are some tips for controlling mosquitoes around your home without pesticides or other dangerous chemicals.
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How To Find A Job

Your first job applications should be with temporary agencies and job placement firms. Most major temporary firms are also in the business of providing hiring services for companies as well. During a recession when companies begin to find business improving they usually first add to their labor force by hiring through temporary agencies just in case the rise in business proves temporary and they have to cut back on employees again.

Working with temporary agencies has additional   Continue reading “How To Find A Job”

Iran’s missile killed at least 50 ISIS terrorists: Reports

In this picture released on June 19, 2017, a missile is fired from western Iran targeting the Daesh terrorist group in eastern Syria. (Photo by IRIB)
At least 50 Daesh terrorists, including several high-ranking commanders, were killed when one of Iran’s missiles hit their headquarters in Syria’s Dayr al-Zawr.

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) fired six medium-range ground-to-ground ballistic missiles at Daesh bases in Syria’s Dayr al-Zawr on Sunday in retaliation for twin terrorist attacks in the Iranian capital Tehran, which killed 17 people and injured over 50 others.  Continue reading “Iran’s missile killed at least 50 ISIS terrorists: Reports”

World’s first commercial flying car to go on sale very soon

A Dutch company has announced that the world’s first flying car will hit the market next year.

Pal-V company says the new car is a three-wheeled vehicle which can carry two people and will be certified for use on the roads and in the skies. Drivers will need both a driving license and a pilot’s license. The car costs about 600,000 dollars.

The company insists the cross-breed vehicle is not a  helicopter, in which the blades are powered by an Continue reading “World’s first commercial flying car to go on sale very soon”

US, allies sponsor Daesh/ ISIS: Says Adviser to Syria’s President Assad

Bouthaina Shaaban, political and media adviser to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad
A political and media adviser to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has accused the US and its allies of financing and arming the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group in a bid to tear the region apart and deplete its resources.

Bouthaina Shaaban made the remarks in a statement to journalists after meeting with visiting China’s Special Envoy for Syria Xie Xiaoyan and the accompanying delegation in Damascus on Saturday. Continue reading “US, allies sponsor Daesh/ ISIS: Says Adviser to Syria’s President Assad”

Awesome benefits of online business you should know

Since the advent of the Internet, business had been good, if not better than before. This is because the Internet provides more viable means of disseminating information about the products and the business all at the same time.

Hence, most businesses know that the proliferation of the online business will definitely boost the income-generating potential of the business.

However, most online entrepreneurs contend that for an online business to generate good income in the Internet, the business must have its own product. This is because everything is a sale, even the thoughts that you have in your mind could count as a product for sale when presented in the Internet for other people’s use.  Continue reading “Awesome benefits of online business you should know”

How Twitter Could Replace Blogging

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Twitter is a world wide phenomenon in microblogging. The world wide web never sleeps and it does so in 140 characters or less. We learn about the lives of strangers, build friendships, network with those who share our interests, and keep up with friends and family, and Twitter is responsible for all of this. Twitter brings a whole new meaning to social networking with its combination of instantaneous gratification and   Continue reading “How Twitter Could Replace Blogging”