trying to reduce your weight, but it is not reduced? While trying to lose weight, our body against this. To lose weight there has to be proper plan. But if you are not losing weight after having proper diet and doing exercise, then there must be some problem. Let’s have a look at the below 10 reasons why you are not losing weight


  1. Not following of What You are Eating: Many of us  do not have a proper follow up of what they are eating. It is a vital point if you are demanding to cut your weight. You should have your own food diary to follow up. This will definitely help you to lose your weight.
  2. Eating incorrect Food: If you are just focusing on smoldering the calories but not focusing on the food items what are taking then you are making a mistake. You should not take those kinds of foods which contains bread and sugar. You should take foods which contain carbohydrate and protein like potatoes, brown rice, etc..
  3. Having less protein: Protein is one of the most important ingredients in our body and you might be eating less protein contaminated foods, which is another reason of not losing the weight. If you load up with protein contaminated foods during the breakfast, then you won’t feel hungry. Also, metabolic slowdown can be prevented by having more protein contaminated foods.
  4. You are not giving time to improve: You should make a workout routine like you work out your full body one day and then give the following day to do stretching, or take a break.
  5. You are not having a sound sleep: For a good physical and mental health as well as health, sound sleep is very important. Obesity comes when you are having a poor sleep.
  6. You are drinking Alcohol or eating Binge: Drinking alcohol and eating binge is a familiar consequence of dieting. Some of them even eat more than their body requires. Based on the intensity, just a particular binge can often spoil a full week’s value of dieting.
  7. You are drinking less water: If you drink much water, then you will be benefitted regarding losing your weight. The person who drink half a liter of water within 1 and half and hour, can burn 25%-30% calories.
  8. You are having too much Junk Food: If you are addicted to junk food, then it will be tough to reduce your weight. You just need to avoid junk food if you wish to improve your health.
  9. You are focusing only dieting: Long term dieting is not a solution regarding losing weight. It may increase your weight instead of reducing. You should think about making your body healthful, not depriving it.
  10. You are having food too frequently: Many of us think that if we eat too frequently, it will help to lose weight, which is a wring myth. Basically, there is no effect on burning calories or losing weight if you take food too frequently.


source drenchfit

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