Female bullfighter, five others gored in Mexico arena

MEXICO CITY, Dec. 29 (UPI) — Bullfighter Karla de los Angeles was tossed over a bull’s head and gored twice Sunday as she went in for the kill at Mexico City’s famous Plaza Mexico.


De los Angeles suffered 5-inch gashes on her right thigh and left buttock when the bull, named Gamusino, tossed her over his head and pierced her with his horns at Monumental Plaza Mexico, the  country’s largest bullfighting ring. The 1,100-pound bull also gored assistant Federico Dominguez as he tried to help de los Angeles out of the ring.

De los Angeles is a novillera, an aspiring bullfighter who has not reached the rank of matador. As a woman, she is considered rare in the male-dominated world of bullfighting.


The fourth bull of the afternoon jumped over the protective barriers surrounding the ring. The bull made contact with a breeder, Gonzalo Martinez, and injured his hand.

Not to be outdone, the fifth bull also jumped the barriers and injured Cesar Sanchez, another assistant, who suffered multiple facial fractures. Sanchez is in the hospital in serious condition.


Two other assistants suffered bruises and were taken to the infirmary.

Human injuries in bullfights are uncommon but considered part of the risk of taking part in the sport.

source: upi

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